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Friday, April 18, 2014

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, pt 2

Mate tells more of his pointed and poignant tales.  I was particularly struck by the tale of Celia and Rick -- Celia actively addicted, Rick white-knuckle abstinent -- and their determination to have and love their child.  If life worked the way it should, they would have overcome their demons and showered the baby with love.  In this life, the baby was placed in a foster home and the parents were left to mourn the child and their failure.

We've already seen the horrible childhoods of many addicts.  Now we're seeing the other side.  Celia and Rick had the best of intentions, but could not control their addictions (that's what addiction means, after all), and created a bad environment in spite of good intentions.    Vows to change just aren't enough.

This story was so deeply sad that I stopped reading early.  I think I'll get to more linkage soon, though, since Mate has already mentioned that he sees lesser versions of these dreadful patterns in his own life.

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