Thursday, April 10, 2014

"The first TSM clinic" isn't the first

Recently, the C3 Foundation claimed that Claudia Christian had opened "the first TSM clinic" in California.

It is really, really easy to learn that that is not the first TSM clinic.

In fact, it's so stupefyingly easy to learn this that I can't help wonder why anyone would say otherwise.  I mentioned this to the new owner of Naltrexone Confidential, and she replied that she thought the other clinics were about making money instead of helping people.

The new clinic isn't significantly cheaper.  It's $3500 for the typical five months of outpatient, vs. $3800 for the best-known clinic.  What's different about this that would justify billing it as "the first"?

EDIT:  the page has been edited to the narrower statement that it's the first clinic "sponsored and approved by Dr. Sinclair himself."  That's more accurate.

In other news, the C3 Foundation is also endorsing a particular online pharmacy in exchange for a cut of that pharmacy's profits, and is even selling gewgaws like an official C3 pillfob.

I guess there's no real harm to it, and it may increase public awareness.  Heck, if Jenny McCarthy can convince people that vaccines are bad, maybe Claudia Christian can convince people of something that's actually supported by medical literature.

Something about all this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, though.


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  2. Looks like they've corrected most of the misinformation, or at least clarified it. For instance, they're presuming a shorter stay at the newer clinic than at the older one. I'm not sure why they presume that, but -- yeah, a shorter stay would result in lower cost.

    Several other assertions have been altered. This is a good thing, btw. They're not so much covering tracks as making sure their statements match the facts, so good for them.

    Perhaps this little drama can be put to bed now.